• Recent Case Updates from the Federal Circuit Court & Family Court of Australia

    15th December, 2016
    In Landau & Landau the Wife had an immediate need for financial support, pending the availability of proceeds from the sale of the former matrimonial home. The Husband and Wife had competing Applications for distributions from the major asset of the relationship, being the proceeds of sale of the home. The Wife had no income and had not been... Read more >
  • Recent Case Updates from Federal Circuit Court & Family Court of Australia

    19th October, 2016
    Family Law Advice Brisbane - Property Settlement Brisbane
    S79A (1A) Risk of setting aside an order by implied consent Pursuant to s79A(1A), the Court may, with the consent of all the parties, vary or set an order aside and, if it considers appropriate, make another order in substitution.... Read more >
  • Validity of a “potentially” polygamous marriage

    1st June, 2016
    Family Separation Advice - My Family Lawyers Brisbane
    In Ghazel the husband and wife had married in Iran in mid 1981 according to the Iranian law permitting a husband to take three additional wives. They re- married in the UK in late 1981, registered their Iranian marriage in the UK in 1984 and had two children. In 2007, the family became Australian citizens. In 2008, a joint application for divorce... Read more >
  • Delays in the Family and Federal Circuit Courts

    27th May, 2016
    Court Proceeding - Family Law firms Brisbane - My Family Lawyers
    In 2014, Chief Judge of the Federal Circuit Court, John Pascoe, noted that “some busy courts operating with half the number of judges they once did.” On 10 February 2016, Bill Potts, the Queensland Law Society’s president, noted that parties are waiting up to two years for trial dates in family law matters.... Read more >

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